Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Weekly Report: 4/30-5/6

The last week was my crunch time. The show has to be set up on the 8th and I really wanted to avoid a delay. For the last few shows, I would be in a situation where I would have almost everything finished, except for maybe two pieces and then those two pieces would be done shortly before the reception. That may be the case again, though I would like to avoid it. Next week's post should be all about the show.

5/2: I finally got around to polishing my pieces from the pit firing that took place the previous week. I then started doing some texture work on several of my upcoming mixed media pieces. Two of them used the extra coarse pumice gel medium while he other one used fiber paste. I also did a little bit of drawing before the night was out.

5/3: I continued the texture work from the previous night. I also begin the labeling process for several of my pieces. My posters for my upcoming show finally arrived in the mail and I was able to get those up before the night was out.

5/5: I was doing more mixed media work.

5/6: I printed and laminated labels for all my pieces. I did what remaining molding paste work needed to be done, especially on my ceramic pieces. All the labels for all the pieces were put in place I also did more mixed media work with fiber paste and coarse pumice gel.

That's it for right now. That was the short version of what happened over the last week. If you like what you read, please share this post with your friends and leave a comment if you want.

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