Monday, May 15, 2017

The Weekly Report: 5/7-5/13

This was the week of my show. Unfortunately, I was not able to get everything ready by Monday and had to work up until the reception on Wednesday. It is also worth pointing out there there were two projects that I was working on that didn't get finished in time for the show. The later half of the week was a little tame by comparison. With the show out of the way, I worked on my buttons. Overall, it was a very productive, yet tiring week.

5/7: A lot of spray painting was done on this day. When I work on sculptural pieces that require painting or mixed media pieces that require painting, I always use spray paint as an undercoat since the black spray paint is a lot easier to hide than leaving the piece white. I also worked on the back of my ceramic pieces that I planed to hang on the wall, though I did not finish them.

5/8: I began hanging up work for my show. I spent the rest of the day working on everything that wasn't ready to go up yet. 

5/9: I finished the remaining ceramic pieces that needed to go on the wall. I then continued to work on the reaming work for the show.

5/10: I had decided that is was going to be impossible to finish two out of four remaining pieces for the show, so I made some last minute changes. The show's reception lasted 2 hours. I didn't manage to sell any buttons, but I did sell one ceramic piece.

5/11: I started updating my button inventory by pressing buttons that needed to be pressed and replacing buttons and plastic bags that needed to be replaced. I also started an inventory document for the ceramic pieces since I did not have one before.

5/12: Work on the buttons continued.

That's all for right now. I'm hoping to have the April Progress Report posted soon. There will be a lot of pictures. If you liked this post, please share and comment. Thank you.

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