Saturday, April 29, 2017

The First Weekly Report: 4/23/17-4/29/17

Welcome to the first Weekly Report, where I give brief updates about what is going on with my work. I will try to have these up by late Saturday evenings or early on Sunday, though they may get delayed from time to time. Some weeks are definitely going to be more interesting than others, though I will try to talk only what I found to be interesting. So here we go.

4/24: This past Monday was a special day. I took off of work to see the reception for the Student Juried show at Harford Community College. My pieces Eternal Light and Mary's Dilemma made it into the show. This will be up until the end of May. After the reception, I took some time to continue working on my project which currently goes under the name P11. It was the first time I had done work on it since last November. To be specific,  was doing some drawing work for it. I hope to have it finished for my upcoming show.

4/25: I spent Tuesday working on the backs of the ceramic pieces I intend to turn into pieces that hang from the wall.

4/26: I did a lot this day. In the early hours of the morning, I got three digital pieces done that I plan to have at my show. Later that day, I finished the the digital work for the fliers I made for my show. I sent them along with copies of those three digital pieces to Shutterfly to be printed. I then continued work from the previous night involving the backs of the ceramic pieces. I then finally got around to doing a pit firing for three pieces. I also did polishing work for a new saggar piece. I even had time to do a little bit of drawing for P9, a project that has been in development for years.

4/28: I started doing work with pumice gel on the back of P33 and P34, two mixed media pieces.

That was pretty much it. It is almost almost May and I got plenty of April pictures to show. Hopefully, that'll come soon. If you like this blog, please share this with your friends or leave a comment. Until then, take care.

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