Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016 Progress Report: August

August was a strange month. The beginning of August was a very productive time for me. Then the summer ceramic course ended and the following weeks were not productive at all. I guess you could say I was resting. Then when the semester started up again at the end of August, I was busy again. Needless to say, not a whole lot got done, but it was beginning of things to come.

8/2/16: The firing is complete and foil has come off. These looked very ugly prior to the polishing work. A good way to tell wether I succeeded with these saggar firings is to pour water on them. That gives me a good indication of what they'll look like after applying the polish.

8/2/16: Later in the day, the polishing work is complete and these pieces are looking much better.

8/4/16: These are the bottoms of the ceramic dishes I was working on back in July. This set is named after a piece I did back in 2015 called Tension. Although these pieces don't look anything like that piece, both projects used the same glazes.

8/31/16: After taking a break for several weeks, this is finally done. One thing that I try to do when adding felt is to hide it. Technically, you're not supposed to see it when the piece is standing up, but from certain angles, you can still tell it's there. I hide it by lightly applying black acrylic paint around the edges of the felt.

8/31/16: This is done too. This was one of the easier ones to do.

8/31/16: I believe this was almost done at the time this picture taken. I think the only thing that was left to do was to add polymer medium. Whenever I end up using acrylic paints anywhere on a ceramic piece, I always use that afterwards to give the paint a shine so it looks like it was part of the piece rather than being just paint on a piece.

8/31/16: Applying the label was not easy but the work with the felt was easy. It's because this piece had a simple circular shape on the bottom.