Saturday, January 14, 2017

2016 Progress Report: November-Part 1

This is part 1 of the November posts. Since I had to prepare for my show, November was a very busy month for me. I have nearly 100 pictures and instead of having them all in one post, they're going to be divided up into several posts. Each post should represent one week during the month of November.

This first post focuses on three pieces, two of which would not be ready in time for the show. They are mixed media pieces that have had somewhat similar processes of development. The next post will focus more on ceramics.

11/5/16: After spending time on the deconstruction phase of P11, the reconstruction is well under way. It started a month earlier but it finally making more progress.

11/5/16: The back of this has also made a lot of progress, though it still looks a bit filthy from the mold that had developed through years of sitting in the back of the basement.

11/6/16: I normally don't like covering all the chicken wire until the drawing parts are finished, but in this case, I left some space where there will be some overlapping with the canvas. This was done because it makes it easier for me to transport the drawing wherever I need it without the the rest of the piece getting in the way.

11/6/16: The canvas work on the back is finished. The middle part where the disgusting mold was is still bare because the name label will eventually be placed here when the piece nears completion.

11/6/16: This project that I had been lowly working on throughout the year has been cleaned up a bit, at least on the back.

11/6/16: Construction started on this piece. This is going to be a wall piece. The ideas for this are somewhat based on the piece I finished earlier in the year called Eternal Light.

11/6/16: The Gesso work is done.

11/6/16: The chicken wire work is done on the front. The pointy parts were left undone deliberately. I wanted that exact shape to remain.

11/6/16: The chicken wire work on the back is done, although there is something I forgot...

11/6/16: The gesso work is done on the front.

11/6/16: The Gesso work on the back is finished.

11/7/16: Aside from working with the cavas pieces, I nesrly forgot the piece of wood in the back that I'm using for hanging the piece. I normally wouldn't forget something like this, but progress on this piece has been going at a faster pace than what I'm used to.

11/7/16: Canvas work on the front is finished.

11/7/16: Canvas work ia done on the back. Normally, the wood piece wouldn't stick out like that, but since it was placed there after most of everything was finished, I kind of had to do it that way.

11/8/16: The gesso work on the front is done.

11/8/16: The work on the back is done.

11/8/16: Molding paste has been placed on the back in order to smooth everything out and to add stability.

11/10/16: This is the drawing for P11, at least the start of it. Some proportions are still out of place, but I at least have a rough idea of what's going on here.