Monday, May 22, 2017

The Weekly Report: 5/14-5/20

This last week was mostly a winding down week. The show was over and needed to come down and the semester was coming to an end. There was still plenty of other things that happened. I needed to take pictures of the work I've done recently. I could only do that after the show came down. I also spent time maintaining my button inventory. I think this next week will probably be rather dull compared to last week. If that turns out to be the case, then I may skip the next weekly report. Until then, here's a recap of everything that happened.

5/15: I had to take down my show so the next person could put their show up. This took about 30 minutes to do. I kept most of everything on my shelf in the ceramic studio since I still needed to take pictures of the work.

5/16: I spent part of the day working on a project that I wanted to have in the show the previous week bit couldn't because it didn't get done in time. The main focus was on drawing.

5/17: On this day, I photographed all of the work I had done up to this point in 2017. It took me nearly 2 hours to do this for some reason.

5/20: I worked on updating my button inventory. This is a long process that I actually started on last week and had mentioned it in last week's report. This week, I had gotten to the point when I found many of my older buttons that I had to get rid of. When I first started doing this button thing back in 2010, I kept my buttons in the back of the basement. Over time, the buttons started showing signs of corrosion. While I don't have a problem wearing these, I knew I couldn't sell them. I got mad at myself for this since I had to get rid of more than $50 worth of buttons. Aside from getting rid of bad buttons, I also continued to update the baggies that I used to the smaller ones that allow me to keep things more organized and I did pressing for designs that needed to be pressed. My requirement is that each design has at least 5 pressings.

This is all for right now. Feel free to comment on this post or share it with others. It helps me out a lot. Thanks.

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