Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Upcoming Plans for the Etsy Store

As some of you may know, I run a shop on This shop has not really seen much success, mostly because I've done a poor job of advertising it and keeping it updated. The reason for that is because I'm focused on so many things and I have a full-time job, so it isn't easy for me to focus on the store. That will hopefully change this summer, at least improving the Etsy store. Everything else will probably suck just as much as it did before. So yes, changes will be taking place and in some cases, they already have. Within the last few months, I have started paying for the store to be advertised which has at led to more views and likes, though the sales aren't quite there yet. I have also updated some important information that should have been updated a while ago. These are baby steps to improving the store. Here are the other improvements I would like to make before the summer is out:

- More button listings.

- Listing ceramic work.

- Investing in stickers.

- Further advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, and

- A better attempt with engagement with followers on Etsy.

It isn't like I didn't know I needed to do these things. It's more like I'm slowly getting one thing out of the way so I can focus on another. Still, some of these improvements are way overdue. When everything is said and done, I would like everyone who visits the Etsy store to have the same choice of buttons they would have when they're at one of my shows. I've got dozens of button designs with dozens more to come. With the one con I participated in and at the art shows I have, people love these things and they buy them, so I know they have an audience. With the ceramic work, I got finished work that has never been advertised online. I got work that still needs to have a label and felt placed on the bottom. This really should have been done last fall, but it wasn't for one reason or another. The stickers are something that I've been wanting to invest in for years, but again, I got distracted. As for everything else, that just requires more focus.

That's all I have to say for right now. This was more of a rant than an advertisement, though I guess I should still advertise the store anyway, so here you go.

If you have any questions about the store or anything I had to say, feel free to ask. I'm also open to hearing suggestions. If you think anyone else would be interested in reading this post, the blog in general, or would like to buy something from the store, please share this. Until then, take care.

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