Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Progress Report: April-Part 1

With just a little more than a month left to prepare for my show, April was a very busy month. Come to think of it, April of last year was the same way. Anyway, given how busy of a month it was, that meant that a lot of pictures had to be taken. Because of that, the April 2017 Progress Report will be divided up into several parts, just like the November Report from last year. This month mostly involved work on ceramic pieces, though I did work on some mixed media pieces as well as some drawing. I also got three digital photo projects done, though they're not going to be in presented in this post.

Hopefully, part 2 will be up within the next few days. Until then, enjoy the photos and comment or share this post if you liked this post. Thanks.

4/4/17: I thought I was done with the foam board construction on this piece, but it felt a little flat. To fix this, I added another piece of foam board on the front.

4/4/17: The chicken wire work begins.

4/4/17: The chicken wire work on the front did not take very long. 

4/5/17: The wood piece where the hanging hooks would eventually be placed was added as well as the piece on the bottom to balance the piece on the wall. One regret that I have is not including a second wood piece at the bottom because there is a design flaw in the piece that made the final product somewhat difficult to hang in the right position.

4/5/17: The wood piece has been set in place. It is positioned perfectly.

4/5/17: The small wood pieces are in place. I'm using better wood than what I used for my hanging ceramic pieces last year, so there wouldn't as much of a problem with the wood breaking apart later on when I go to put screws in it.

4/5/17: Some additional chicken wire work had to be done towards the  middle of the structure.

4/5/17: The chicken wire work on the back is done.

4/5/17: The chicken wire work on the front is done.

4/5/17: The chicken wire work on the back is done.

4/5/17: The placement for an eventual name label has been made. The gessoed canvas has been added The somewhat lengthy process towards making the back more aesthetically pleasing is well underway.

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