Saturday, December 31, 2016

Upcoming Posts

November was an extremely busy month for me since I had to prepare for my show and everything. While December wasn't as busy, I had to deal with more personal matters. With that being said, here's what to expect within the upcoming month:

- The November Progress Report will be divided into four different posts since I have nearly 100 pictures from that month.

- A series of posts about shows I've had over the last few years.

- A review of 2016 with edited pictures of everything I've done throughout the year.

- A new list of upcoming projects for the new year.

- A possible sneak peak of new buttons of ceramic pieces that'll go on sale soon.

Just in case anyone was wondering, there will be no December 2016 Progress Report. After my show, I was busy with other things, but work on any unfinished projects had ceased for the remainder of the year and there are no new pictures beyond November.

That's pretty much it. My next post will hopefully be in a few days.