Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016 Progress Report: February

February was a busy month for me. I started on four different projects throughout the month plus some other stuff that wasn't captured on a camera. I have 10 pictures for February so look at them and enjoy. The next entry may be an announcement and it may come in the next 2 weeks or so.

2/10/16: This is the first project I started this year. With sculpture/ceramic pieces, my goal this year is to try and create work that looks strong on all sides since I felt some of my past work has had a very strong front side but also a somewhat weak backside. This project by the way, is currently titled P4.

2/17/16: This project is currently titled P32 and is a project with a summer theme. This project is supposed to have sort of a mystical vibe to it, treating the sun as sort of an ancient symbol.

2/17/16: This is the back of P32. This design is based on what I learned from working on The Tragic Forest in 2015. When this is complete and hanging on the wall, it will stick out at you, not look down on you.

2/17/16: This project is currently titled P23. The form has not been completed yet.

2/24/16: P4 has been bisque fired. It will eventually be fired in a raku kiln.

2/24/16: P32 is starting to take shape. It isn't as flat as it was before.

2/24/16: The wood pieces have been added. Eventually, the hooks for the hanging wire will be attached to the wood.

2/24/16: We started the chicken wire work. This will end up taking a long time.

2/24/16: The final form for P23.

2/24/16: The beginning of P24. This piece had a rough start.