Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017 Progress Report: March

The March Progress Report is finally posted. I've been wanting to get this out for sometime. A lot happened in March, much more than February. In March, all the clay work was completed that I planned on doing during the spring. Raku firings took place. Work on mixed media pieces took place. I also finally started continuation on a piece that has been in development for a very long time. Despite everything that happened in March however, it would only be a prelude to what was going on in April.

Enjoy the photos below. The next post, which will hopefully arrive by tomorrow night if not the night after will be my first weekly progress report. As always, if you like what you saw and read about here, share this post with others and leave a comment if you want. Thank you.

3/1/17: The burnishing is done. I made a piece just like this last year, except I'm doing something different with it.

3/1/17: This is a rather odd shape for a wall piece. I'm hoping it works out though because I'm really trying some new stuff.

3/1/17: I'm going to re-fire this piece because I wasn't satisfied with this. It happens sometimes.

3/1/17: The back actually turned out better than the front.

3/8/17: I finally started working on this again. I decided to turn this into a drwaing.

3/8/17: This is where the name label will eventually be.

3/8/17: The glazing is one and this will be re-fired soon.

3/22/17: This is something new I started that goes along with my pieces Eternal Light and Daylight. This will have a Spring theme and the shape is supposed to be in the shape of both a seed and a rain drop.

3/22/17: This is the back.

3/22/17: This is going for a night theme. It is in the shape of the moon.

3/22/17: This is the back of the moon piece.

3/22/17: The re-firing was successful.

3/22/17: I finally started drawing something on here.

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