Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017 Progress Report: April-Part 4

This week focused on three specific tasks. First, the work on the backs of the ceramic wall pieces continued. Second, the saggar piece was polished. Third, after some neglect, the mixed media pieces have started to receive some more attention. A total of nine pieces were being worked on throughout the week. While I a lot of progress was made, I still a lot left to be done.

This is the final part of the April 2017 Progress Report. I hope to have the May posts up soon. My only problem is I'm not sure what to do with it yet. There are a lot of pictures, but those pictures take up less than the month of May. I'm not sure if May will take up two posts, four, or how they'll be divided. I'll hopefully figure that out soon.

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4/25/17: I started the molding paste work. The bad thing about it is the amount of weight it added to an otherwise light piece.

4/25/17: A lot of molding paste was needed for this piece.

4/25/17: The wood pieces for hooks and the label area is in place.

4/25/17: Placing the wood pieces and label area was tricky. It seems to work though.

4/25/17: The wood pieces and label area is in place. A lot of hot glue was needed to make everything  stay in place.

4/25/17: Some canvas work was done and a little bit of molding paste was used on the sides in order to add some consistency and fix a flaw that was left behind during the wet work process. 

4/25/17: Canvas work was done. I had to be careful and make sure I didn't use too much of it. I didn't want any of it to e seen from the front.

4/25/17: Canvas work was done. Molding paste was added to the wings in order to fix some flaws that were made during the piece's initial development.

4/26/17: The polishing work is done. This piece is looking much better than it did the previous week.

4/26/17: Additional molding paste work was needed.

4/26/17: Additional molding paste was also needed on this piece.

4/26/17: A little bit of gesso work was needed.

4/26/17: A little bit of gesso work was needed.

4/26/17: Like the others, gesso work was also needed here.

4/26/17: Some more drawing was done this week.

4/28/17: The first layer of coarse pumice gel on the back is done.

4/28/17: The first layer on the back is done.

4/30/17: The second layer is done.

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