Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer 2014 Happenings

In early June I made the decision to postpone work on my projects until sometime in August. This decision was made because I needed a break and because the working conditions in my workspace aren't up to my satisfactory. My workspace is currently in the process of being reorganized and this process with hopefully be finished within a month. Most of what's happening this summer is non-eventuful to most of everyone except me. Nonetheless, here are some other things that are happening while I'm taking a break from artwork.

- I finished some new button designs recently and hope to have them up for sale soon.

- I'm still looking into making a website for myself to serve as a true home for myself on the internet. Right now, I'm in the process of still figuring out what I want. Anything that gets done this month will most likely consist of sketches and overall outlines.

- I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how my new video format is going to work. I know what I want it to focus on as I explained before, but now I'm just figuring out the more technical aspects of the new format. I still hope to start the new video format by the fall.

- This month, I'm hoping to revamp the Etsy store and give long overdue update to my Deviant Art account. Ebay will also be updated with new stuff on sale.

So that's the main focus of this month, to try and take care of the many other aspects of my art other than the artwork. The next post will hopefully be more picture-focused.

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