Monday, August 25, 2014

New 2014 Buttons (so far)

Within recent months, I made new buttons for most of the artwork I've done in 2014 up to this point. The only 2014 pieces that have not gotten their own buttons are "In The Shadows", "Predator", "Paranoid", and  "Duality". I would like to make buttons for them someday, but I haven't done so yet because creating buttons for more sculptural/ceramic-based work has always been more difficult for me to do. Here are pictures of the newest buttons. 

Thoughts Of Yesterday 1.25" Button

Sleepless 1.25" Button

Cautious 1.25" Button

Is It A Dream? 1.25" Button

The Dark Corner 1.25" Button

Day Of The Dead 1.25" Button

 Lost 1.25" Button
Victim Hunt 1.25" Button

Afternoon Daze 1.25" Button

Looking Down 1.25" Button

Escape 1.25" Button
Here are my Ebay listings. Right now, the buttons are selling for $1.00 plus shipping. For most of them, I placed an available limit of five, but that's a number that can easily be adjusted based on future demand.

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