Sunday, June 1, 2014

Follow-up To The February News Update

Back in February I gave an outline for what I had planned over the next few months. That post was supposed to have been the first of many posts that gave various updates to everything that was going on. That didn't happen. Instead, I'm going to directly update the information I posted in February in the order everything was listed in.

-  I stated earlier this year that three new projects were started. At the time, they were listed as Projects A, B, and C. These were later updated to P1, P2, and P3. The reason for the working title change (yeah, that does sound rather pointless) is because I had updated my to-do list and added these new projects to the list. My projects are always called P-something until they're finished. P1 and P2 were completed and are now known as Paranoid and Duality. You can see them in the pictures below and I would like to do a more extensive post about each one of them sometime in the future. P3 didn't get anywhere because I felt like I needed extra resources and more time to do what I wanted. While the piece is still in development, I put it off to the side to focus on other projects.


- I was also working on three projects that had already been in development. I managed to finish one which became known as In The Shadows and immediately started on another one which became known as Predator. There are two more that had made some progress but are only around 50% finished.  They are currently known as P8 and P9 and development on these pieces will resume sometime in August (more on my summer plans in the next post). 

In The Shadows

- I did end up having a show in April. It was titled After Midnight. It was a great show. I'll show off two pictures of it right now but I would rather hold off on the other pictures because I want to go into more extensive details about it sometime soon.

After Midnight Front View
After Midnight Side View
Official Show Flyer

- The blog facelift I said I was going to do has been an extent. So far I'm liking this new look and I think I'm going to keep it. As for the new format I announced where I would start a vlog and use that to explain things in detail while this blog would be used mostly for visual purposes has not come through yet. I kind of jumped the gun when I announced it. I originally thought it would be as simple as recording myself with my built in computer web cam and the early results I got through testing this were rather disappointing. I would still like to do this, but I feel it has to be done right. Hopefully I figure things out over the summer and start the vlog sometime in the fall.

I think that covers everything that I talked about in February. If everything goes right, I'll discuss my summer plans in the next post.

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