Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 Projects and Plans

With 2017 here, a lot of projects are in the pipeline and a lot of plans are in place. Usually with me, a lot of what I want to do early on in the new year has a lot to do with what I wasn't able to do last year.  There are always projects and ideas that I won't even bother talking about because I know there is no guarantee of getting these projects off the ground let alone getting them done. This is the list I came up with. It could and probably will change throughout the year. I hope to get at least the majority of these projects done this year. It is also worth noting that I never mention shows or other possible events in these documents because I can't necessarily plan all of that stuff that far ahead of time and I like to restrict the document to individual projects rather than events, which will get their own announcement as they come into fruition.

For those of you who didn't read last year's document, let me explain what everything means. I keep digital files of everything I have in development. Before getting official names, these projects are designated with the letter P (Project) followed by a number. Though these numbers are used to give the project an identity, they do not necessarily determine the order in which I get a project done. This is because whenever I complete a project and give it a name, chances are a new project will be started with that same number. For example, if I complete P1 and move onto P2, a new P1 might get started, but P2 will still the main focus. The For Profit projects do not have designated numbers because only what I consider portfolio projects get those. This is also because the profitable work is often a series of projects rather than one single project. I hope this explanation wasn't too confusing. This is just my way of keeping track of things and it works for me.

That is all for rightnow. The next post will most likely have pictures from February.

My document for my 2017 plans

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