Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2016 Progress Report: November-Part 4

After a 2 month delay, this is it. We're finally done with November. We're finally done with 2016 since there aren't any December pictures. The only time I'll go back to 2016 is whenever I get around to posting about last year's shows. So like the last post, there are a lot of pictures, although not quite as many. Within the last week of November, it was about putting the last minute touches on everything. There was no more clay work to be done. There was no more buying with foam board or anything like that. By this point, the drawing-related projects were put off until 2017 because I knew they weren't going to get finished. So the last week of November was mostly about placing labels, painting, polymer gloss work, placing felt on my pieces, placing the hanging hooks and wires. Aside from painting the piece now known as Daylight, a lot of the work involved little things, but there were a lot of little things to do. I got most of everything done on Monday the 28th, the same day the show had to go up. Daylight was not finished until Tuesday. I was relieved since on Wednesday, I was allowed to focus on getting ready for the reception and preparing the buttons and ceramic pieces I would be selling at the reception.

So enjoy these pictures. The next Progress Report will be for February 2017, although I'm not sure if that's what the next post will be about. Hopefully, that, along with everything else I promised a few months back will be up sooner rather than later.

11/27/16: Everything is almost done here. The felt on the bottom is still needed.

11/27/16: Everything here is almost finished. Felt is still needed though.

11/27/16: Working with tiny labels is always hard, but it is almost done at this point.

11/27/16: The back here is almost finished. It just needs felt, hanging hooks and wires.

11/27/16: While molding paste isn't needed everywhere, I used it for the purpose of consistency since it was needed to cover up the edges of the label.

11/27/16: Every aspect of the label for this piece was complicated due to the small triangular space. I also tried to hide the wood pieces that'll be used for the hanging hooks by covering them with molding paste, acrylic paint and metallic paint.

11/27/16: The felt is on and this piece is finally done.

11/27/16: The felt is on and this piece is now complete.

11/27/16: The felt has been glued on and this piece is finished.

11/27/16: The felt has been glued on but the hooks and hanging wire is still needed.

11/27/16: The felt here only needed to be placed in certain parts of the piece. Anything that would be touching the wall was covered with felt and the part where the wood piece for the hanging hooks is located also has felt. That was done partly for aesthetic reasons and so I would remember exactly where the wood was placed.

11/27/16: Felt has been placed around the label, on the hidden wood pieces where the hanging hooks will eventually be placed and at the bottom. This piece is almost done.

11/27/16: I spray painted this piece. As anyone who has seen the past progression of my work may know, I almost always use a coat of spray paint before painting since black is easier to hide than white.

11/27/16: The back was spray painted as well. I chose to put the label on after the spray painting so I wouldn't ruin the label in any way.

11/27/16: Light molding paste was used to cover the edges of the label. This does not need to be spray painted and can easily be painted over later.

11/28/16: This piece is finally done and ready for hanging.

11/28/16: This piece is done and finally ready for hanging.

11/28/16: This piece is done and finally ready for hanging.

11/29/16: Basic paint work on the back is done.

11/29/16: Basic paint work on the fron is done. I chose to have the darker spots in the center and on the ends while having the lighter areas are in between. This won't be as noticeable when the metallic paint work is done.

11/29/16: The metallic pant work is done on the front. This really helps the textured patterns stand out more.

11/29/16: The metallic paint work on the back is done. The only reason I bothered with the back was for continuity purposes. If people look on the side of a wall while this is hanging, they will continue to see metallic paint.

11/29/16: The polymer gloss is on. The felt is on. The hooks and wire is on. The back of this piece is done.

11/29/16: The polymer gloss work on the front is done. This piece is done and is ready for hanging.

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