Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Progress Report: April

April was a very crucial time for me. I had to hurry up and finish all remaining wet work and firings in a few short weeks. It was a challenge to maintain high quality standards while rushing to get everything done. For the most part, I felt I succeeded. Even after all of that, it wasn't over yet. More on that in the next post.

4/1/15: The five-sided project had some texture work done to the base.

4/1/15: Creating a place for a name label was tricky with this project.

4/1//15: The four-sided project progressed quite a bit in just a day.

Circle Project #2 was progressing a little slower that expected because I wasn't sure where I wanted the additional pieces for it.

4/8/15: Despite the slow start, the construction on Circle Project #2 was completed within a week. The reason for it's odd design at the top is because I didn't know which way I wanted the arch to bed. So it bends three different ways.

4/8/15: Five-Sided Project is now the one that's progressing slowly.

4/8/15: Three-Sided Project has also managed to progress slower than expected.

4/15/15: The firings this time took longer to get to. Nonetheless, the original trangle project survive the bisque firing.

4/15/15: The original Pentagon piece survive the bisque firing.

4/15/15: Circle Project #2 was the first of the second group of projects to get bisque fired.

4/15/15: Four-Sided Project made a small amount of progress this week.

4/15/15: Three-Sided Project has been progressing a little faster than the previous week.

4/15/15: Four-Sided project' progress has also slowed down this week.

4/21/15: The glazing was done on the triangle project.

4/21/15: The glazing was done on the pentagon project.

4/21/15: The glazing was done on Circile #2.

4/21/15: This is still progressing rather slowly.

4/21/15: The construction is finally complete. I really had to be careful with this one since a lot of the weight is shifting on one side.

4/21/15: Finally finished building this I've come to like this one a lot.

4/22/15: Another one is done.

4/22/15: Constrction on the last piece of the semester has concluded.

4/22/15: I was experimenting with glazes I never used before. I had mixed feelings about this.

4/22/15: I like how this turned out a lot.

4/22/15: The glazing work on here is nice but even after all this time, but bottom still bothers me.

4/28/15: I'm redoing the glaze work on this.

4/28/15: The glaze work on here is somewhat similar to Circle #2.

4/28/15: Three-Sided piece's glaze work is now done and drying.

4/28/15: The final glaze work for the semester is done.

4/29/15: After two attempts, I'm liking this a little more.

4/29/15: I kind of like the way this turned out.

4/29/15: I don't like this as much as some of the others. The glaze was a little thicker than I wanted it to be but I still like the colors.

4/29/15: I like this one a lot.

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