Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Progress Report: March

Now that my show was a thing of the past, I was able to focus on clay work for the entire month. My major challenge in March was to complete the wet work on everything before Spring Break. Otherwise, I would have to keep unfinished work wrapped up for 2 weeks and I didn't want to take that risk.

3/4/15: This is the second attempt at the triangle project. I took a slightly different approach this time by making the piece larger and making a more straight-forward shape. I ended disliking this approach, although the final results would turn out okay.
3/4/15: The bottom of the triangle project. There's actually a lot of space for a name label this time around.
3/4/15: The circle project was fired successfully.
3/4/15: The square project is completed and is drying so it can be fired.
3/10/15: The square project has been fired successfully.
3/10/15: Th glaze work on the circle project is done. This project along with all the others were fired in the raku kiln.
3/10/15: The glazing for the square project done.
3/11/15: The triangle project is finally starting to make some progress.
3/11/15: This is what I originally referred to as the Pentagon Project. Out of the eight ceramic pieces I completed, this is one of my least favortie pieces. While I wanted a piece with five sides, I feel like this one looked too much like a pentagon.
3/11/15: The raku firing was successful for the most part. It's a bit more matte than I expected.
3/11/15: The raku firing for the square project was successful. There's a lot of unique color combinations. I really like this one.
3/17/15: The triangle project has been making more progress. Although I didn't like it very much in the beginning, I'm liking it more as I progress.
3/17/15: I'm starting to make progress on the pentagon project. It gets better as I work on it but the bottom still bothers me.
3/18/15: I completed the basic construction of the pentagon project. I was considering adding a third payer but I decided agianst it. Part of the reason was because of time restrictions. Spring break was happening soon and I needed to have this done. It's still a complete piece. Had I really flt it was incomplete, I would have put it away for an additional two weeks.
3/31/15: This is a follow-up to the square project. SInce I was trying to deviate from the actual shape, I'll refer to this as the four-sided project.
3/31/15: This is a follow-up to the circle project. For right now, I'll refer to this as circle project #2.
3/31/15: This is a follow-up to the triangle project. Like the four-sided project, this deviates from an actual shape so for right now, I'll refer to this as the three-sided project.
3/31/15: This is a follow-up to the pentagon project. Since this deviates from the pentagon shape, I'll call this one the five-sided project for now.

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