Saturday, February 11, 2017

2016 Progress Report: November-Part 2

During this second week in November, I worked mostly on ceramic projects that were close to being finished since I knew by this point that the drawing-related projects that I was working on before would not be ready in time for the show at the end of the month. The saggar pieces had actually been fired toward the end of October but since I was on vacation at the time (aka dog-sitting), I could not be at the college to work on them. It was around this time when pressure started to build since I had roughly half a month to get everything ready.

11/15/16: Since I was out out for sometime, I wasn't able to open these right away. As always, I run water over these to see if I'll end up liking it or not since doing gives some indication of what these will look like after the polishing is done.

11/15/16: The tip of this had broken off during the time I was out. At least the bisque firing was done. It would eventually be repaired.

11/15/16: This piece survived the bisque firing. This was one of my favorite pieces so I'm glad it came out alright.

11/15/16: There is a crack in this one towards the bottom, but from what I could tell, it was not from the firing.

11/15/16: The glazing is done. Each the only problem is the broken piece is going to look different from the rest of of the piece, when it is fired in the raku kiln, but that is something I would have to deal with later.

11/15/16: The same glazes were applied to this piece. My hope is that the shape of the piece and the eventual location in the kiln will give it enough of a difference with the colors.

11/15/16: This one also uses the same glazes.

11/16/16: The polishing work is done. These piece look much better than they did the day before.

11/16/16: I've started the labeling process. As I mentioned many times in the past, this isn't always easy. With a piece like this, I often end up using my needle tool to hold the piece of foamboard in place while using the glue gun to glue the ends.

11/16/16: This piece was a little easier to work with. The placement was just right.

11/16/16: There was more gliue running off than what I wanted. This might cause problems as I continue to progress with this piece.

11/16/16: I was right. The tip did turn out differently than the rest of the piece. The overall glazing turned out okay, though it would need some work.

11/16/16: The glazing turned out okay here.

11/16/16: I think the glazing turned out better on here than the other two pieces.

11/19/16: Wood pieces are glued in place. Hanging hooks will eventually be placed here.

11/19/16: I positioned the wood piece in the middle in the hopes of having the top and bottom parts of the piece hang evenly on the wall.

11/19/16: This was a little tricky.

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