Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016 Progress Report: June

First of all, I want to apologize for not having this up much sooner. I had to take my computer in for repair back in July and not having a computer to use for a week held me up a little bit. The July update will hopefully be coming in a few days. Anyway, June was mostly a quiet month. I was doing a lot of leftover work from May. Embarrassingly enough, some of that work still needs to get done. The most interesting this about June is that I started the next generation of work that I plan to have up for sale later this year. Expect to see a lot more on that in the July update.

6/7/16: I am almost finished with this. It just needs felt. This is probably going to be the only ceramic piece I make that will have no felt around the name label. This is because of the unique location of the name label. I don't want to felt to be visible.

6/7/16: One issue that I'm always trying to get around is keeping the molding paste and paint far enough away from the name label. I did okay here but I feel like it could be better.

6/7/16: This was one of the easiest labels to work with because of the small size. Not much molding paste was needed so it didn't take long to dry.

6/7/16: Even though this label was difficult to work with, the moling paste wrk wasn't as bad and the painting was even easier. Spacing between the lettering and molding paste was still an issue though.

6/7/16: This was one of the better labels.

6/7/16: This still needs to be cleaned up some more. Since my labels are laminated now, getting paint on them isn't much of an issue.

6/7/16: Laminating labels has another advantage. I'm able to make text really small because when I eventually apply polymer gloss to give the label and molding paste a little more shine, it will not cause small lettering to fade away.

6/7/16: I'm glad this worked out. This piece almost fell apart becausme of the label placement.

6/7/16: Creating the name label for this one was tricky because of the shape of the piece and how much space I had to work with.

6/21/16: Here are some new decorative pieces that I started that I plan to sell later in the year.

6/28/16: These pieces are based on the saggar piece I made last year titled Self-Realization. That piece was very popular at my show back in May, so I decided to make a series of pices based on it to sell.

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