Friday, February 26, 2016


Happy 2016, everyone! I know for most of you, New Year's day was nearly 2 months ago and is now a distant memory. For me, I've been struggling to get 2016 off the ground and the year still feels new and fresh. The good news is while January was mostly a quiet month, some progress has been made throughout February and I'll talk more about that soon enough.

Every year, I end up posting this to-do list. From my past experience, some of the stuff on the list gets done but much of it does not. This year, I'm taking a different approach. I made a document of projects that I would like to get done, but it is a document that was designed only to give me a starting direction and most of it relates to what I can do in the near-future. There are other things like the youtube channel, the website and things like that that I keep promising to do but fail to deliver on. So I decided not to promise those things. I'll still be in the process of working on them but I won't talk about them until there is something to talk about. That is why these things will not be listed in the document I made. The projects that I have scheduled for the fall and winter were done so because I already know that with my schedule as it is, I have no chance of getting that stuff done over the next few months. So I think it is a fairly realistic document. Since this was made some time ago, I am happy to say that several of these projects are currently being worked on and have made substantial progress. That is all for right now. My next entry will consist of more pictures than text.

My outline of what I plan to work on this year. The 'P' in each name stands for project and the number is how I have it listed in the files of unfinished projects that I have organized on my computer. As many of you may know, these are the names I refer to my projects by until they are given an actual name.

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