Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Progress Report: November

In November, things started to slow down after the first few days. My show had come and gone and even though I had six projects left to work on for the remainder of the year, there wasn't that sense of urgency that I felt throughout October. This is why I took far fewer picture throughout November.

1/1/15: A lot had happened between the few days that had passed without any new pictures. The drawing had progressed quite a bit and the texture work is almost done. After making my makeshift spraypaint area, I did some spraypainting to make the eventually painting work easier.

11/1/15: This drawing is just about finished. There's not much else I can do with it.

11/2/15: It's hanging time.

11/4/15: I'm starting on some new stuff. This time, there will be texture.

11/9/15: The bisque firing on this has been done over the previous week. Getting it really smooth was a challenge.

11/9/15: As I mentioned before, this was my least favorite of the future sagger firings but there's something I still like about it.

11/9/15: This was the most challenging piece to make a smooth surface out of. The one curve at the bottom frustrated me.

11/9/15: It's a small piece so I decided to save the texture work until after the entire form was finished. Like the sagger pieces this and the two projects that followed it would be made from coils.

11/9/15: Going off from the previous project, this one is going to be larger and more round as opposed to the other one which was smaller and skinnier.

11/10/15: The basic form is complete. Like the other one, the texture work will come later.

11/11/15: The little tail I had at the top broke off and it was too dry for me to do much of anything about it. The texture work is complete though.

11/11/15: The texture work here is more defined than the previous piece.

11/24/15: Of the three previous projects, this is probably my favorite.

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