Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Ceramic Experience In 2012: Part 4

This is the final chapter for the Ceramic Experience in 2012. By this time, the wet work was done and whatever pieces weren't fired by this point were waiting to be fired. With the pieces that were fired, additional work had to be done. The work on these pieces would continue beyond the end of the school semester and up until the end of the year. By the end of the year, I would have 10 complete ceramic pieces. I don't recall doing too much "crunch time", although I was still persistant in getting everything done before the end of the year because I knew I would be taking another ceramics class in the spring and I wanted to have everything done so I could get a fresh start.

December 2012

12/4/12: These are the three raku pieces I had made prior to their firing. The one on the left used black glaze. The one in the middle used blue crackle while the one on the right used a combination of both glazes.
12/5/12: Around this time, I started working on the backs of my first three pieces. They would eventually have a label on the back indicating the name of each piece, molding paste work, and hanging wire.
12/11/12: This is the work I did for the semester. There are pinched pieces, coil pieces, hard and soft slab pieces, a
combination of techniques, small and large pieces. I also did electric firings, gas firings and raku firings. The only thing I didn't have time to do was working with the throwing wheel. I still have work to do with these, just none that involve firing.
As I mentioned earlier, there was additional work done after the semester had ended, but I decided to save those pictures for when I start talking about each piece individually. I put a lot of long hours into all this work and I think most of it came out pretty well. I learned a lot too, mostly from accidents, but I think that is the best way to learn. Hopefully, I will get around to talking about the Spring 2013 semester and the work that came from it.

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