Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer 2012 Progress Report #3: FINAL REPORT

I know it's technically not "summertime" anymore, but these pictures are from the summer. I'll be honest, the one project other than my digital photos that I've been working on over the summer hasn't made much progress within the last month, which is why the pictures aren't dated beyond August 19th. I hope to find time during the semester to work on this project some more. For those of you who didn't read the first progress report over the summer, go back and read that in order to get a better understanding of what I'm doing.

I'm also posting the latest progress I've made on my photos. Since the last blog entry, I finished one and I'll do a special post about that at a later date. The others are close to being finished, but they aren't because of other distractions (the school semester just started recently after all). You'll notice that some of the photos from last time aren't here. That's because I did a process of elimination and picked what I felt were the best pictures.

7/2/12: I finished the chicken wire work.

7/11/12: The one side was covered by this date. Eventually, 4ply bristol board will cover both sides.

8/19/12: I don't want to cover the rest of this with canvas until I get the bristol board glued down first. Even though the canvas on the inner part will be covered, I gesso it to add stability.
9/5/12: Like the other photos I've been working on, this also has high contrast and low saturation. So far, the color filter this is using is crimson, or something close to it.

9/5/12: This is quickly becoming one of my favorite photos. I had made it black and white before, but decided against it. The saturation in this picture is extremely low, but with high contracts, a red color filer and was darkened with hard light.
9/5/12: I used similar techniques in this photo that used in the other ones I described. I'm using an orange color filter.  One thing I love about this photo is how the sun is shining bright, yet I edited it in a way that gives off dramatic shadows on the other side. I think having both dramatic lighting and shading in an outdoors setting gives this photo a very surreal feeling. 
So, that's what I have so far. This is the last of the summer reports. Looking back on everything, I can honestly say that what I've done so far ranges from okay to pretty good, but the fact remains that I didn't do enough. I won't go into great detail as of why. Some of it is was my fault while some of it is not. Still, despite not going to school during the summer, the summer somehow ends up distracting me from my work (a lot of times, in negative ways), and I can actually get done more work during a school semester, even if I'm taking a class that has nothing to do with what I'm working on. This is how it's always been though. Anyway, now Autumn is approaching, my favorite time of the year and perhaps this will be the time to get more work done.

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